gerovital plant from kosmetikosuk
kosmetikos the-secret-of-your-beauty-

Gerovital Plant with poppy flowers extract !

Paraben free

Natural,preservatives free,care line that deeply hydrates,fights against wrinkles,helps regeneration, increase elasticity.

gerovital plant from kosmetikosuk
kosmetikos gerovital-perfect-look-for-a-celebrity-skin-sfw

Gerovital H3 Evolution

First Anti Ageing Brand in the World !

The Gerovital H3 range of Products is specially created to slow down all 3 ageing mechanisms of the skin and stop their long term effect.

gerovital plant from kosmetikosuk
kosmetikos romanians-no1-brand-on-hair-treatment-sfw

Gerovital TreatmentExpert !

Your Hair's Personal Doctor

The new line includes revolutionary and very effective products,witch respond to different problems concerning scalp and hair problems.

gerovital plant from kosmetikosuk
Gerovital clasic

Gerovital H3 Classic

Beauty Expert !

Innovative complex composed of 3 essentials ingredients which create the anti aging complex : Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Juvinity.

gerovital plant from kosmetikosuk
Sensitive skin care products aslavital

AslaVital Mineral Activ

Sensitive Skin Complete Care

Aslavital MINERALACTIV addresses sensitive skin being hypoallergenic products without parabens, with Goji Berry extract and 100% natural clay.



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