Gerovital H3 fighting against aging process

aging process
Aging process is important for romanian researchers at Farmec SA Cluj,witch have gone to great lengths, trying a number of innovative techniques to reduce the aging process. Specifically concentrating on 3 key biological processes:
Sunlight aging (oxidative stress caused by sunlight)
Reactive radical species, which cause structural and functional mutations of cell membranes, alteration of fatty acids, protein and cellular DNA.
Decreased mitochondria to generate and store energy in molecules of ADP

How it works?

Gerovital H3 is specifically designed to slow down all three aging skin processes and to counter the effects long term using three active ingredients.
SOD, dubbed “anti aging super-enzymes”, ensure long-term skin firmness,acting against oxidative degradation and protecting fibroblasts chains of collagen and elastin proteins responsible for skin elasticity to counter skin sagging.SOD is the most active naturally occurring antioxidant enzymes.
Trylagen acts against wrinkles and ensures a more flexible smooth skin, stimulating production of new collagen and elastin fibers,which constitute support for synthesis.
GP4G is a unique plankton extract that energizes and protects skin from environmental stress, and enhances maintenance and repair.

GH3 Evolution Concept

In this complex the most important element that appears on the front of packaging products is SOD (super oxide dismutaza) called generic Anti Aging Super Ensyme. This complex is associated with other active principles depending on the destination of each product.
Gerovital H3 Evolution product range is structured to two age groups to meet specific requirements of each age group.Our products for women over 30 combat the first signs of aging: fine lines around the eyes and mouth, dark circle and bags under the eyes,loss of skin brightness. The structures of these products are lightweight and provides an immediate feeling of comfort and lasting hydration.
Products for women aged over 45 are designed to solve complex problems caused by sun aging and lower production of estrogen around menopause:
-accelerated loss of skin elasticity, deep wrinkles, decreased vitality and cell regeneration (turn – over cellular), the occurrence of pigment spots.The product range is rich in nutrients and gives a feeling of emollient, a long-lasting hydration and a marked increase skin tone.

Gerovital H3 Evolution products:

Tonifying Cleansing Milk
Tonifying Cleansing Water

Moisturizing Lifting Cream SFP15, age 30+
Regenerating Lifting Cream, age 30+

Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF15, age 45+
Anti-Aging Cream, age 45+
Dark Spots Corrector, age 45+
Perfect Anti-Aging Serum, age 45+

Here at Kosmetikos UK we recommend for dry, sensitive skin:

Gerovital H3 Evolution – Anti-Wrinkle Cream – for the day care
Gerovital H3 Evolution – Anti-Aging Cream – for the night care
Gerovital H3 Evolution – Perfect Anti-Aging Serum – to increase the cream absorption
Gerovital H3 Evolution – Tonifying Cleansing Milk – daily, to clean and tone the skin

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