Micellar Water, can it cleanse your skin?

Micellar water can it cleanse your skin

Micellar water is popping up everywhere!

So…Micellar water … what is it ?

What La Roche-Posay said about it:
“It’s not a toner. It’s not a cleansing milk. It’s definitely not a face wash. Micellar water is a skincare product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, without the need for rinsing. Micellar waters have been widely available in French pharmacies for many years, and gained a cult following internationally as skincare enthusiasts, makeup artists and bloggers discovered them through the digital grapevine. Today, this well-kept beauty secret that is now widely available to women in the UK (and in the US), who love its gentle but powerful one-step cleansing”
“It’s an old secret for a phenomenal face”-Dr. Sherry Ingraham of Advanced Dermatology
“It was developed in France due to their hard water and their need and want for beautiful, smooth skin. So, what they wanted was a softer, gentler cleanser”
… sounds more then intersting

OK… Ok… but, how does it work?

Run Micellar water over your face simply to clean skin or as a remover.Simple no ? But where is the magic of Micellar water?
“The active part of Micellar Water is in her microscopically balls of oil.
The little balls of oil actually open up and the little tails which are attracted to dirt, makeup and debris, stick out of the pad and then when you wipe it across your face they bind to all the dirt and debris and makeup on your skin.They also keep it moist because they’re not overly scrubbing, there’s not a lot of detergent that’s irritating the skin and you can see it right away when you wipe it across a makeup area.” Dr. Sherry Ingraham said.

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