The Story of Gerovital Plant – Part 1

The Story of Gerovital Plant – Part 1 – Ingredients

1985 is the year when in Farmec laboratories from Cluj-Napoca began the story of the most succesfull Romanian line of cosmetic products – Gerovital Plant.

In 2004 the line was modernized in trend with the natural cosmetics of those times, preservatives free.

The cream initial color was green, the formula of the products preserving the complex of plants from Transylvanian spontaneus flora.

2011 is the year of great changes for gerovital Plant

The new line of products follows the eco trends as it is preservatives free and it was designed using a recipe that combines Herbatonic Complex rich in Transylvanian plants with the bio edelweiss extract obtained from organic cultures in the Swiss Alps.

For a product to preserve its qualities throughout its entire validity period, it must contain substances that would ensure it.This is a “must” for every cosmetic product.This Substances may be classic preservatives or, as an alternative active natural principles wich also play a preservation role.

It is the first Romanian 100% preservatives free line of cosmetics. And why have we thought to a preservatives free line ?

In present the major trend in cosmetics is towards natural organic products

To align to this trend, Farmec has conceived the new Gerovital Plant line not only without parabens wich are so controversial in the cosmetic industry, but also preservatives free

In this case the function of the preservatives is taken by other active principles which play a biological role and the same time ensures the stability of the product in time.

Active principles are in fact the compounds that act over the skin;they are responsable for the product;s effect: moisturising,anti-wrinkle,nourishing etc. But the story of the new line of products hasn’t begun this year.

The work has begun long time ago in Farmec laboratories where our reaserchers have been working to find the perfect recipe.The first step in establishing the new recipe was to identify the ingredients.They were established by taking into account several important requierements.

The recipe must include an original complex of vegetal extracts from Romanian spontaneous flora,be based on 100% natural eco-certified ingredient that would increase the products efficacy,be compatible with the needs of persons 20-45 years old.

Farmec researchers got to work and established for this 100% natural, eco-certified ingredient a list with 20 possible plants,among which the edelweiss.

We’ve established the ingredients, but how does the recipe look like?

Find out in Part 2

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